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Solley’s scooping kits now available!

The kits include:
– A Napoli in a flavour of your choice (that’s 4.75 litres of ice cream – equivalent to at least 35 scoops!)
– 10 waffle cones
– 10 flakes
– Rainbow sprinkles

All delivered to your door* for just £27.50

Perfect for enjoying in the garden, a weekend Netflix marathon or if you’re missing the authentic Solley’s Ice Cream Parlour experience!

To order, please email us on orders@solleysicecream.co.uk with your NAME, DELIVERY ADDRESS*, MOBILE NUMBER for contactless payment link and your choice of FLAVOUR, stating that you would like to order a SCOOPING KIT.

Up to date flavour information and delivery areas may be found here.

Please note, ice cream scoop is not included in the kit.

*Delivery within our delivery areas