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Recycle, reuse…upcycle with Solley’s Ice Cream tubs

We’ve had a busy few weeks getting everyone fully stocked up Solley’s Ice Cream and undoubtably there’s going to be more than a few of you with empty tubs by now.

Our impact on the environment is something which we work hard to limit and this year we have changed to fully recyclable 750ml tubs, scooping cups which are fully biodegradable, compostable spoons and have totally stopped using cone sleeves too.  But we want to go one step further…Before you pop your finished tubs in for recycling, we want to see how many ways you can reuse and upcycle them!

We have a few ideas to get you started below and we’d love to see your creations – the more inventive, the better!  Each month we will be sharing our favourites.  You can share with us by tagging us @solleysicecream on instagram, twitter or Facebook, or email to info@solleysicecream.co.uk.

Bird feeders: Our small pots are perfect for home made bird feeders, and with the added bonus of attracting more wildlife into your garden too!  Try this recipe from the RSPB.

Batch cooking:  If you’re a batch cooker who likes to get their meals prepped for the week ahead, our tubs are obviously perfectly suited for the freezer!  There’s some delicious ideas from BBC Food here.

Succulents & house plants:  House plants are great for improving air quality as well as having many other benefits both mentally and physically.  We love what Lizzie at Capell has done with our small & large tubs (pictured below).  The RHS has more information on how plants can be of benefit and recommendations for easy to grow house plants.

Bee friendly flowers: We need bees!  One way to help support the bees is to provide flowers in your garden.  Plant spring flowers such as daffodils (available now at your local garden centre) in our large tubs to give a kick start to the year and why not pick up some seeds to sow to keep the bees in plentiful supply into the summer.  Gardener’s World has a brilliant guide to the best plants for bees.

Pencil pots:  Super simple for all the family, simply paint the pot in the design of your choice and voila!  Alternatively, take a roll of natural jute twine, tape at the top of the pot and wrap around tightly until you have covered the whole pot.  Secure underneath and your pencil pot is ready to go!

Food cupboard storage:  Paint the whole pot with blackboard paint and you have a quick & simple storage pot which you can easily write the contents on with a chalk pen.

We can’t wait to see your ideas and creations coming to life!  If you’re in need of a tub or two (you’ll have to eat the contents first!), full details on how to order for local delivery can be found here.